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In order to deny supplies to the Huthi forces, the coalition imposed a partial aerial and naval blockade.

This is severely limiting the import and provision of fuel and other essentials, obstructing access to food, water, humanitarian assistance and medical supplies and causing food prices to soar, creating a desperate situation for millions of people.

We took him to every hospital we possibly could before he finally died.‘More singles than ever before’Yemeni sociologist Hind Nasser told The New Arab that there is a noticeable increase in the number of single young men and women as a result of the war."According to government statistics which date as far back as 2009, there were half a million Yemeni women unmarried under the age of 30.Your own Arab marriage could be one click away with this matrimonial and dating service; meeting Muslim Muslima singles or single Christian Arabs has never been easier at this free Muslim dating site.Whether you’re looking for Saudi Arabia women, Jordanian singles, Lebanese singles, Syrian singles, Algerian singles or Egyptian singles, Kuwaiti Singles, Iraqi singles, Oman singles, single Yemeni women, men or Arab singles from other Middle Eastern backgrounds, Arab Lounge is a great way to meet other Arab singles for dating and friendship.

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