Who is jasper from twilight dating

Renesmee sighed and got in the car then Edward turned to her."Why did you have to be picked up early….Alice couldn't see that much in her vision" Edward said."Oh um Sam picked up the scent of a vampire and said he need Jake" Renesmee explained."Vampire? " Edward asked anxiously."Yea dad I'm fine don't worry, and besides I had Jake there to protect me" she smiled. I wanted to make sure she was ok" Emmett explained."I appreciate your concern Emmett….you can just cross the treaty line like that" Edward said."Edward….. I don't really trust that dog either" Jasper said."I know….He has a Racial controversy on his film The Last Airbender. Talented actor Rathbone loves music, writing, singing and producing.He also performed in a band called 100 Monkeys with his two high school friends. After dating his girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi for a long time, he was married to her on September 29, 2013.Renesmee thought with a smirk knowing Edward could hear her.Out of the corner of her eye Renesmee saw her father shake his head and drive off.In November 2010, it was reported that he was casted in Aim High alongside Aimee Teegarden.Then he had a lead role in Live at the Foxes Den, in May 2011.

" Edward asked."Uh…it was me…" Emmett said with a nervously laugh."You crossed the treaty line? Emmett and Jasper nodded then Renesmee came in the Bella at her side."Hello" Bella smiled."Hi" Edward said with a crooked smiled and kissed Bella passionately.

Renesmee nodded and they started to walk toward the beach.

After their walk on the beach they went to his house to see Billy. Still dancein" Billy smirked as he patted his legs.

Due to his father’s job, he moved from Indonesia to Midland, Texas. After graduation, he had a plan of going to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama but instead of that, he went to Los Angeles to experiment with film acting. In ABC Family's original series Beautiful People, he got his first role as Nicholas Fiske. In 2008, at the age of twenty one, he appeared in Twilight; film based on the best-selling novel by Stephenie Meyer as Jasper Hale.

Soon after being in Los Angeles, he was casted in Disney 411. Due to his good presentation and hard work, he has a recurring role in the sequels to Twilight.

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