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These recordings included: "Willy" by Joni Mitchell, "Be My Husband" by Nina Simone (from the 1965 album Pastel Blues), "Mercedes Benz" by Janis Joplin and "Love Hurts" by Boudleaux Bryant.Hannigan also performed live with her own band, called The Daisy Okell Quartet and contributed guest vocals to the recordings of Mic Christopher, The Frames and Herbie Hancock.

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"Prayer For The Dying" and "Ora" are two tracks which have appeared among promotional material in the lead up to the release.

Since beginning her solo career in 2007 she has released three albums: Sea Sew (2008), Passenger (2011), and At Swim (2016).

Hannigan's music has received award nominations both in Ireland and the USA.

She also began a part-time degree in English literature.

As of 2016, Hannigan plans to return to Dublin with her London-based husband following her At Swim tour of Europe and the US.

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