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— A Revolutionary/Incident; destruction of Benjamin Coe's property, at Newark, - - 37-45 Necrology :— Obituary Notices of Robert Stockton Green.— John H.

y 7 uuss PROCEEDINGS OF THE New Jersey Historical Society. The Corresponding Secretary reported that he had received large numbers of letters, most of which were in relation to genealogies and from persons wishing to become members of some patriotic society of the day.

If it be said that it is not duly A MEETING IN TRENTON. ^896 appreciated in our own State, and in its chief city, what is that but a verification of a proverb already trite nineteen centuries ago?

The work ac- complished by the New Jersey Historical Society is recog- nized throughout our land.

That it tends to stimulate patriotism is inevitable. 1, was addressed to every stockholder in the Newark Library Association. Bell, Red Bank, Moses Bigelow, Jr., Newark, Samuel F. The great success which attended our semi-centennial celebration last May, the readiness with which the funds requisite for that purpose — about 0 — were raised, and the successful ap- peals to our members for contributions toward the New Building Fund, all show that the New Jersey Historical So- ciety has a deep hold en the affections of our people, and that its mission and its work are finding an ever widening circle of appreciative friends." The Committee on New Library Building made the following report, which on motion was received: This committee was appointed at the annual meeting held in January, 1894, and, as soon as the approval of all its members could be obtained, the circular attached, marked No. Acting upon this suggestion of theirs, the committee secured the execution of the affidavit and bond required in all cases where it was necessary, and the treasurer of the Library Association accepted same and issued to us certifi- cates of stock by virtue thereof for a large number of shares — between fifty and sixty. The following were elected Resident Life Members, on account of dona- tions of stock in the Newark Library Association, the donor of each share of stock (par value, ) being entitled to nominate a person for a Resident Life Membership in the Society: 1 H. Horace Ailing, Newark, *E, Maxsey Applegate, Freehold, Rev. After repeated requests for action by them, they finally appointed a committee of their directors to draw up some such document, and when completed submitted it to us in printed form — a copy of which will be found hereto attached, stating that if it was duly executed by the reputed owner they would issue the new certificates, which could then be transferred in the regular way.

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