Is usher dating rihanna

This is just his passive aggressive way of getting back at his girlfriend for trying to take over his life.was born in Berlin, Germany and is of Moroccan and Haitian descent.Usher has a girlfriend that has been trying to take over his career and get him to fire all his people.She was with him at Coachella, I found photos of her with Usher on 4/15, the day before this supposed hookup with Rihanna.Usher and Rihanna, both one-named wonders, have something else in common: they both came out with new material in the last couple days. Let me start out by saying that these artists are two of my guilty pleasures.Usher debuted a new song ‘Scream‘, and Rihanna came out with a video for her song ‘Where Have You Been‘. I like more of their songs than I would prefer to admit.Pharrell Williams is just like the rest of us, he is having “Wild Thoughts” about Rihanna after those Crop Over photos surfaced yesterday. Last year she missed the event because she was busy touring and promoting her new album, but this year she made up for it by showing out looking like this.

The networked cited the need for "appropriate tone and coverage." Either way, it's clear Brown wants this to be a comeback tale, a story of redemption.

Of the two, Rihanna stays in my head more, but only because I can't really remember anything from ‘Scream'. It's a lot of scantily-clad tribal looks where Rihanna reminds us that she has a nice body and hopefully no formal dance training. And bonus — the Rihanna video is fifteen seconds longer than the Usher song, so if you have an Usher paper doll handy (and I know you do), you can use that time to make him dance in front of the screen while Rihanna gurgles up from the water like a swamp monster.

, Rihanna and Usher went home together after meeting up at a party at Coachella.

The two left together and were holding hands, so if this is true it’s safe to assume that they were doing more than just flirting.

The last we heard about Rihanna she was casually hooking up with Ryan Phillippe but he’s since coupled up with Amanda Seyfried.

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