Intimidating a witness uk

A witness is considered as a person, other than a defendant, who is likely to give evidence in court.

All victims are also witnesses and should be treated as such.

The success of any investigation depends largely on the accuracy and detail of the material obtained from witnesses.

Investigators, whether tasked with a volume crime or major investigation, must recognise the individual needs and concerns of witnesses and treat them with dignity and respect.

There may be occasions when it is necessary to conduct a fast-track interview with a witness in order to rapidly progress the investigation.If a specialist officer is deployed to assist an investigator, an accurate record must be maintained on the crime report, policy log or file outlining the specific role of the specialist officer.The investigator and the specialist officer need to maintain close contact.This can have a significant impact on how witnesses cooperate with the investigation and any subsequent prosecution.National support for law enforcement agencies Call the Witness Black’s Law dictionary defines a witness as ‘one who sees, knows or vouches for something.

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