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Say something online that other people don't agree with, and they may retaliate by making your personal information completely public, sometimes with catastrophic consequences.

Such is the crux of doxing, which gained major notoriety thanks to the 2014 Gamer Gate controversy.

Just about everyone has at least one nightmare dating story.

" Your e-mail contains a link to your blueberry muffin Web site. I wonder where I could get a million e-mail addresses..." So, how could you get 1 million e-mail addresses?

As a result of your 100 e-mails, you get two orders and make . " you think, "It cost me nothing to send those 100 e-mails, and I made .

But the most important feature of online social networks is the ability to find and make friends with other site members.

These friends also appear as links on your profile page so visitors can easily browse your online friend network.

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