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According to the "Regulations of historic districts and historic buildings in Hangzhou" effectivated from 1 January 2005, historic buildings are those artifacts or districts that have lasted more than 50 years, and are of significant value for history, science, and art.In Hangzhou, declaring a historic house requires consulting the urban planning administration bureau, and the real estate administration bureau.The stairs at the back of the Villa lead to another two-story Western-style villa in wood and brick-clad with three rooms in parallel.Constructed between 19, it is a 2-3 story Western-style building in wood and brick-clad.It is a traditional Chinese big-roof temple with three palaces.Constructed between 19, it is a villa with a builtiful garden. The front one is a traditional big-roof villa with three rooms in parallel.Constructed between 19, it is a two-story Western-style villa.

They were owned by Wang Zhennan, the cousin of Chiang Kai-shek - the former president of the Republic of China.Situated against hills and facing the West Lake, it is one of the outstanding representative buildings of contemporary China.It was constructed between 19, and features a blending of the Chinese and the Western styles.The province is one of China’s smallest and most densely populated provinces with a total area of 101,800 square kilometers (39,305 square miles) and a population of 54,426,900, for the reasons of excellent geographical location as well as a developed and active economy.History The history of the province goes back to ancient times.

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