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Concern ALMAZ-ANTEY is a Russias technology leader in research, development, production, marketing and support of a wide range of systems and equipment in the areas of air and missile defence, radars and C2.ALMAZANTEY has the capability to set up national complex integrated air defence systems and deliver all necessary combat and technical components for it.

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Notable points include the integration of external low band NNIIRT Protivnik GE and VNIIRT Gamma DE L-band radars, and a range of passive emitter locating systems.

The Nebo SVU/M have a claimed capability against stealth aircraft.

In addition to further acquisition radar types, the S-400 has been trialled with the Topaz Kolchuga M, KRTP-91 Tamara / Trash Can, and 85V6 Orion / Vega emitter locating systems, the aim being to engage emitting targets without emitting from the acquisition radars, or if the acquisition radars have been jammed.

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