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"Free Superchief" lets players upgrade to a Super Chief engine at no cost if they already have an Express engine; this both speeds the game and lessens the dominance of the Pennsylvania RR.

Fans of the game have created dozens of alternate maps for play.

The project has run into quite a few issues, but the broadest one is that the watches just aren't easy to make.

Upon arrival at a destination, the player collects a cash payoff, and may use the money to upgrade his or her train engine to a faster model, or purchase a railroad.The CST-01 project has been detailing its troubles for a few months now, but last week it informed backers that it no longer expects to fill all preorders or to find another company to take over production.It now expects to either liquidate all remaining assets or, if unable to find buyers, open up all designs and distribute and sell off as many remaining parts as it can.A few months after the campaign's conclusion, the project detailed its first issues: the need to find a new battery, the need to build a custom battery management circuit, and having to wait longer than expected on other parts.Delivery was pushed back to the turn of the year as a result.

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