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When pressured to explain why they prefer OSX, Mac users often rest on qualifiable and subjective arguments such as “it feels intuitive” or “I enjoy using it more” or even “I can’t explain why I like it better, I just do.” The Windows user, when presented with these arguments, usually rolls his or her eyes and continues on their way.

It isn’t until someone truly makes up their own mind to give OSX an honest chance that they can understand what all the fuss is about.

Quartz is the Open GL powered windowing system used by OSX.

Quartz extreme utilizes the graphics card exclusively, which means no processor cycles are taxed.

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Linux users who have grown tired of dealing with hardware issues, especially on laptops, often choose a Mac as their portable solution because it is UNIX based.

A Few Quantifiable Benefits of OS X include: As a web developer, if there’s one skill you invariably have to develop, it’s the use of a *NIX terminal.

Luckily, because OSX is built on top of UNIX, the terminal is ready and waiting.

Prodiving developers with a toolset to implement these types of animated effects means software will become more intuitive.

There are so many useful tools that are built in to the Mac that come in handy for designers and developers that it’s easy to see OSX was built with developers and creative professionals in mind.

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