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Simon is obsessed with finding out about the heart donor.

Dennis Johnson, an elderly widower with a heart condition, is visited by his grandson Shane.

A young man, Colin, tells several male members of staff that he's in love with them.

David Cousins has come in for a long-overdue heart bypass, but Victoria Merrick spots that something is wrong and arranges at short notice for Mr.Nurses Julie Fitzjohn & Jasmine Hopkins vie for the post of Deputy Ward Sister on Darwin, the cardiology ward, with Jasmine being successful.Nicola Fallon is brought up, and the staff have to contact her parents, who are in Belgium.Julie Fitzjohn helps a young mother with a heart-breaking dilemma.Meanwhile, the pressure builds up for house officer Victoria Merrick, after she saves the life of a patient, Chris Woodhouse, and she resorts to taking drugs at work.

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